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*Preferred Payment route - Bank transfer/Cheques (as per  details underneath this table)

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PlatinumGoldSilverIndividualFree Membership
PlatinumGoldSilverIndividualFree Membership
Number of CXO's per corporate who can attend eventsFiveThreeTwoOneNA
Number of Business Leaders Breakfast event which are freeAllFourTwoAllNA
Opportunity to sponsor eventsYesYesYesYesNo
Invitation to join the Powerful Advisory Board -CXO AllianceYesNoNoLimitedNo
Invitation to speak at events (depending on profile)YesYesNoYesNo
Hosting of Company Logo on the Member's siteYesNoNoNoNo
Spouses (accompanied) Access to eventsYesOne EventNoYesNo
Advisory SupportYesYesNoYesNo
Participation and Planning and direction of the ForumYesNoNoYesNo
Access to exclusive Prof./ Business Networking Lunch/Dinner eventsYesOneNoOneNo
Special Discount on Sponsorship PackagesFullPartNoYesNo
Bonus/Incentive on Member referral schemeYesYesYesYesNo
Corporate Press Releases (of members)publicity in the networkYesNoNoYesNo
Represent CXO Alliance in Global ForumsYesYesNoYesNo
Access to Research & InsightsFullPartNoFullNo
Leads to Business Opportunities, Jvs, Merger & AcquisitionsFullPartNoFullNo
CXO Alliance Network for New Business LaunchesYesNoNoYesNo
Access to Job openings on members siteFullFullPartFullYes
Access to post jobs on members siteYesYesYesYesNo
Peer ConnectionsPersonalisedLimitedLimitedPersonalizedLimited
Access to participate in blogs etc. on members siteYesYesYesYesYes
Industry specific meetsYesTwoNoYesNo
Media coverage of membersYesNoNoYesNo
Members round table eventsYesNoNoYesNo
Opportunity to contest for 'Honarary Office Bearers' of CXO AllianceYesNoNoYesNo
Opportunity to Participate in the Advisory Committee for 'Awards'YesNoNoYesNo
Special Discount on CXO Alliance & DMCC Workshops/TrainingYesPartNOYesNo
Invitation to the CXO Alliance/Ivy League Faculty (as per profile)FullPartNoFullNo
In Person Meeting (one to one basis)YesNoNoYesNo
Future Benefit of mass negotiations on Corporate finance/dealsYesNoNoYesNo
Annual Fees$5500$3300$2000$1000Free
Special Offer Don't forget to avail this special package. (2.4 % service provider fees will be charged for online purchase)$3850$2310$1400$700Free
Purchase online with Credit Card or Pay Pal (2.4 % service provider fees extra)
Free Membership

Remittance instructions (for any queries contact email -
*Preferred payment route (without transaction fees) :

  • Direct Bank Transfer as per banking instructions underneath.
  • Cheques/Draft to be couriered to – CXO Alliance DMCC, 2207, Palladium, Cluster C, JLT, Dubai, UAE, PO BOX 340505, DMCCA.

Payment route (with transaction fees) :

  • Online Payment by credit cards/pay pal on website (please add 2.4 % of the remittance amount for transaction fees of service providers)

** Please email the remittance advice and member details to activate member accounts within 7 working daysafter credit of account/ realization of cheques (for any queries contact email -

*Banking instructions:
Account & Bank Details : CXO ALLIANCE DMCC, United Arab Bank, Almas JLT, Dubai.


IBAN : a) AED: AE75 0460 0020 3702 1519 001   b) USD: AE48 0460 0020 3702 1519 002

AED & USD Account no. : a) AED: 2037-021519-001   b) USD: 2037-021519-002

* USD/AED BANK conversion rate 3.69